Humble Means

‘Humble Means’ is a form of apostolate performed through hidden and interior acts which are not visible for others, but known only for God. Among humble means there are prayer, accepted suffering offered to God as well as the effort of being faithful in daily routines.
środki ubogie The same Spirit, far from removing from the life of humanity those whom the Father has called, puts them at the service of their brothers and sisters in accordance with their particular state of life, and inspires them to undertake special tasks in response to the needs of the Church and the world, by means of the charisms proper to the various Institutes. Hence many different forms of the consecrated life have arisen, whereby the Church is “adorned by the various gifts of her children … like a bride made beautiful for her spouse (cf. Rev 21:2)” and is enriched by the means necessary for carrying out her mission in the world. (Vita Consecrata, 19)

Mother of Great Abandonment, Humble Servant of the Lord, I give myself to you without reservation

– so that I can be faithful to God in my everyday life.